Contact Number Chong Hua Hospital Cebu City
Cebu City
+63 32 255 8000
Contact Number Chong Hua Hospital Mandaue City
Mandaue City
+63 32 233 8000

The Renal Care Unit

Renal unit is well equipped with state of the art dialysis machines, experienced staff nurses and doctors who are able to render dialysis services in an outpatient, inpatient and emergency setting.

The following are required of patients who have been referred from other institutions or clinics on their first outpatient hemodialysis in Chong Hua Hospital Renal Unit:
  • Medical abstract, to include:
    1. past medical history and physical exam
    2. vaccination history
    3. current maintenance medications
  • Quantitative HBsAg, anti-HBsAg, anti-HCV
  • Baseline serum creatinine, BUN, potassium, sodium, CBC
  • Copies of their 2 or 3 most recent dialysis flow sheet (if applicable)

What to do, once patient are in Renal Unit already
  1. They need to register at the station for their priority number.
  2. Upon entering the treatment room, patients are required to do hand hygiene. In addition, patients with AV fistula/graft are requested to wash their hemoaccess prior to hemodialysis. Washing areas are provided.
Services Offered
  • Care of patient with Acute Renal Failure and End stage renal Disease
  • Hemodialysis services are also provided for patients admitted to the intensive care unit, Coronary care Unit and Intermediate care unit at bedside.
  • Outpatient hemodialysis management
  • Slow efficiency dialysis (SLED)

For inquiries and/or appointments, please call:
Tel # +63 (32) 255-8000
Local : 76301/76302
Location: Building AB, 3rd Floor

Operating Schedule :
Mon-Wed-Thurs-Friday- Sat( 6:00 am-7:00 pm)
Tues ( 6:00 am- 11:00 pm)

Schedules are subject to change without prior notice. Please coordinate with our Charge Nurse for the Scheduling.
A STAT fee is charged for the following cases:

a. Unscheduled HD treatment during regular business hours.
b. Emergency HD starting 6 pm Saturday onwards until Sunday.
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