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Digital and Conventional Mammography

Our Breast Imaging Section caters to both Mammography and Breast Ultrasound procedures. Mammography is the basic screening of the breast. Ideally, this should be done first prior to having a Breast Ultrasound procedure. We have state of the art equipments, trained professional radiologic Technologist and a breast imaging specialist to cater to your needs. The services that we offer may apply to both women and men. We provide quality results and quality care in order for you to receive proper diagnosis and to help aid your physicians with the proper treatment that you deserve.

The ideal imaging for Mammography and Breast Ultrasound procedures is 7-12 days from first day of menstruation. However, this does not affect the result. The result will remain as in whether you’re having your menstruation or not. The purpose of this is just so your breast will not be so tender which may be painful to some patients.

The patient should bring the following on the day of procedure

  • Step 1:
    Have yourself registered first at the information and secure a Chong Hua ID (if you have not yet been registered) if you’ve already been registered, proceed directly to our section.
  • Step 2:
    Present your doctor’s request or LOA (Letter of Authorization) at the reception area for charging of the procedure. A priority number will be given to you.
  • Step 3:
    You will be asked to fill out a form/s regarding the procedure that you will be undergoing.
  • Step 4:
    Go to cashier / billing section and present the charge slip that has been given to you for payment. If you have an LOA (Letter of Authorization), present it together with the charge slip that has been given to you for approval.
  • Step 5:
    Go back to our section with the charge slip in hand and make sure it has a stamp of approval from the cashier / billing section.
  • Step 6:
    Present the approved charge slip at our reception area. Take note of the priority number that was given to you earlier and wait for your turn to be called.
  • Step 7:
    After your procedure has been performed, wait for the discharge instructions that will be given to you before leaving the procedure room.
We offer services such as:
Bilateral Mammography
Unilateral Mammography
Spot Magnification
Mammography Guided Localization
Mammography Rolled View Medical
Mammography Rolled View Lateral
Mammography Exaggerated Medical
Mammography Exaggerated Lateral
Mammography Cleavage View
Rolled View + Spot Magnification
True lateral + Spot Magnification
Breast ultrasound
Sonographic localization - surface marking

For inquiries and/or appointments, please call:
We are open from 7:00AM – 5:00PM on Monday to Friday
On Saturday we are open from 7:00AM – 12:00NN

Location : Ground Floor of building AB, Special imaging Serices (beside Cardio Unit)
Look for : MARIAN (OIC)
For inquiries : Call (032) 255 – 8000 Loc. : 76122
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