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Computed Tomography Scan (CT)

Brain Plain, Contrast, Angiogram
PNS Plain, Contrast, Modified
ORBITS Plain, Contrast
TEMPORAL Plain, Contrast
MAXILLA/MANDIBLE Plain, Denta Scan-Mandible, Denta Scan-Maxilla, Contrast, Temporo-Mandibular W/ Contrast
NECK Plain, Contrast, Neck PE
CHEST Plain, Contrast, PE/Angiogram
UPPER/LOWER Plain, Contrast
ABDOMEN-WHOLE Plain, Contrast
CAP Chest / Whole Abdomen Plain, Chest / Whole Abdomen W/ Contrast, Chest / Upper Abdomen W/ Contrast
EXTREMITIES Knee, Ankle, Arm, Foot, Forearm, hand, Leg, Thigh, Wrist, Shoulder, Elbow, W/ Contrast
SPINE Lumbosacral, Thoracic, Cervical, Lumbar
ANGIOGRAPHY Extremities, Abdomen, Aortogram

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