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Delivery Room Complex

The CHH-Delivery Room Complex is a baby-friendly maternal and child unit which provides optimal quality health care dedicated for women undergoing obstetrical treatment and management. It caters to all pregnant mothers who maybe expecting single, multiple, and as well as high risk pregnancies. As the city's first and only Delivery Room Complex equipped with its own Operating Room Theaters inside the unit, Cesarean Sections are always performed immediately without delay. Expectant mothers who may have complicated pregnancies are closely monitored in the unit's High Risk Room. With almost a decade of experience in the holistic course of pregnancy and delivery, care is provided by a team of highly-trained and board-certified physicians, highly skilled nurses and midwives, in collaboration with a number or ancillary staff, all governed by strict international infection control and safety standards to deliver the best and safest care for the ultimate birthing experience every expectant mother deserves.

Special preparations to be done by the patient before coming to the unit:
Patients for Cesarean Section are often advised by their attending physician not to take anything by mouth at least 6 hours before their scheduled operation.

What to bring
  1. Pre-natal record (Mother's card or mother's book)
  2. Laboratory results taken as outpatient during the course of pregnancy if available (ultrasound results, cbc, urinalysis, etc.)
  3. Identification card (preferably 2 valid ID's)
  4. Marriage contract (if applicable)
  5. Laboratory Request/Request for procedure or Carried order issued by the attending physician
  6. Cord blood kit (if applicable)
  7. Letter to attend delivery (if applicable)
  8. Letter of Consent for Bilateral Tubal Ligation for husbands not present during the time of delivery with attached valid identification card and photocopy of valid ID presented signed by the husband (if applicable)
The CHH-Delivery Room Complex offers the following services:

  1. Non-stress test/ Cardiotocogram
  2. Contraction stress test/ Modified contraction stress test
  3. Internal Examination
  4. Normal Vaginal Delivery, without episiotomy
  5. Normal Vaginal Delivery with episiotomy and repair
  6. Manual Extraction of Placenta
  7. Forceps Delivery
  8. Breech Extraction
  9. External Cephalic Version
  10. Internal Cephalic Version
  11. Induction of Labor
  12. Potentiation of Labor
  13. Cesarean Section
  14. Cesarean Section with Bilateral Tubal Ligation
  15. Cesarean Section with Hysterectomy
  16. Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section
  1. Upon arrival at CHH-Delivery Room Complex for evaluation, the patient is received by the Delivery Room staff nurse or midwife and is asked for her complete name, date of birth, chief complaint or reason for coming to the unit.
  2. The patient is assisted to change her street clothes to the Delivery Room attire (CTG gown, inside slippers to be provided by the Delivery Room staff) and OB resident on duty is informed. All street clothes and footwear including accessories and other valuables removed from the patient are entrusted to her companion for safekeeping.
  3. Delivery Room staff ushers patient to the Internal Exam Room and vital signs (TPR, BP, Pain Score), height and weight are taken and recorded. OB Resident On Duty examines and assesses patient's status and decides whether the patient is for internal exam or for direct monitoring. If patient is for internal exam, she is prepared for an initial I.E. to be done by the OB Resident On Duty.
  4. OB Resident On Duty examines patient and determines whether the patient is for admission or for further monitoring prior to discharge from the unit

For admission
  1. OB Resident On Duty informs patient's obstetrician regarding patient's status and admission.
  2. Delivery Room staff provides the patient with and have her change into a hospital maternity-breastfeeding gown. The patient is ushered to the labor room for labor watch and monitoring.
  3. Delivery Room staff provides a pre-admission slip to the patient's husband / S.O. / companion and instructs responsible party to proceed to the Admitting Section to arrange and comply with the admission process.
  4. Responsible party receives patient admission papers and kit from the Admitting Section and hands them over to the Delivery Room staff
  5. Responsible party is instructed to wait for the patient or for further instruction in the patient's room. No watcher will be allowed to stay inside the unit. Fathers / S.O. who will be attending the delivery will be instructed when to enter the unit when delivery is imminent provided they have completed the letter of request to attend the delivery.
  6. Patient stays in the designated labor room until delivery.

If Not for admission
  1. Delivery Room staff ushers the patient to labor room for further monitoring or evaluation.
  2. OB Resident On Duty informs patient's obstetrician of the patient's status and monitoring result.
  3. OB Resident On Duty discharges patient with proper instructions.
  4. Delivery Room staff facilitates discharge of patient from the unit.

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