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Intensive Care Unit

The ICU (Intensive Care Unit) is a 12-bed critical care unit, with five (5) Renal beds, five (5) General Medical-Surgical beds and two (2) Stroke beds. It provides the highest level of nursing and medical care to critically ill, medical or surgical adult patients who require intensive monitoring and management. The unit also admits patients with cardiac conditions who may not be admitted to the Coronary Care Unit due to an ongoing infectious disease process

The unit is equipped with ten patient monitors for accurate monitoring and recording of vital signs, oxygen saturation, and ECG (ElectroCardioGram). Data from all twelve monitors are routed to the Central Monitor at the Nurses station, located at the middle of the ICU , to ensure constant monitoring of patient vital signs and trends. Each room has its own piped-in oxygen and suction. The ICU also makes use of a Infusion Pumps to maintain accurate parenteral therapy and a Stature Patient Lift to help position patients safely and comfortably

The ICU is staffed by highly trained critical care nurses specializing in adult intensive care. All ICU nurses are trained in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and handle only one patient at a time to ensure that all patient needs are met. Nursing Aides are also available in each shift to assist the nurses with their tasks, and a Senior Medical Resident is on duty at the area at all times.

Relatives may only enter the ICU at the specified visiting hours and a waiting area is provided for family members and watchers, But no accommodations for overnight stay is available. A Conference Room for discussion between the patients significant others and the physician is provided for when there is a need to discuss sensitive issues.

For inquiries and/or appointments, please call:
Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
Tel. No.: +63(32) 255-8000
Local 76219 / 76220
The Unit is located at the 2nd floor of Building B, with the entrance near the elevators.
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