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    Patient Rights and Responsibilities

    CHONG HUA HOSPITAL aims to provide you with safe and quality care. As patient in this hospital, it is important for you to know that you have both RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES that will enable you to participate in receiving quality healthcare.


    Your Rights
    • To be informed of the names of the doctors, nurses and health team members directly involved in your care.
    • To request additional information on the doctor/s responsible for your care.
    • To be informed of the diagnosis, planned course of treatment, procedures & expected results.
    • To be informed of the risks, benefits and treatment alternatives, its consequences should one refuse.
    • To be informed of pain and pain relief measures.
    • To be informed of care options when the hospital care is not indicated.
    • To be informed of doctor’s fee before any medical care
    Your Responsibilities
    • To provide complete and accurate patient information including but not limited to personal, social and medical information.
    • To provide a copy of their advance directive if intended to apply during admission.


    Your Rights
    • To receive respectful and compassionate care in a safe setting regardless of age, race. religion, national origin, gender/sexual orientation, physical or mental disability.
    • To be provided with attention when you request for help, with the understanding that other patients may have more urgent needs.
    • To be provided with attention from a Patient Service representative in resolving complaints.
    • To be provided with assistance on ethical issues by contacting an Ethics Committee member.
    • To be provided with a copy of all your medical records according to the CHH Medical Records policy.
    • To request information and a summarized list of your hospital charges.
    Your Responsibilities
    • To abide by all hospital rules and regulations.


    Your Rights
    • To privacy and confidentiality of all records except as otherwise provided by law.
    • To privacy, to the extent consistent with providing adequate medical care.
    • To be free from the use of seclusion or restraints in any form unless clinically required.
    Your Responsibilities
    • To treat hospital staff, other patients and visitors with courtesy and respect.
    • To pay hospital charges and physicians’ fees in a timely manner.


    Your Rights
    • To decide about your plan of care before and after treatment.
    • To seek a second opinion without fear of compromise to one’s care within or outside the organization.
    • To decide about advance directives.
    • To decide about tissue/organ donation.
    • To decide to refuse treatment to the extent permitted by law.
    • To discharge from the hospital against the advice of your doctor.
    • To decline to participate or to withdraw from a research study without compromising one’s hospital care.
    • To verify the accuracy of your hospital charges and physicians’ professional fees.
    Your Responsibilities
    • To ask your doctors about your diagnosis or treatment.
    • To ask your doctors about pain management.


    Your Rights
    • To be safe and secure during one’s medical admission in the hospital.
    Your Responsibilities
    • To leave all your valuables at home.
    • To bring only necessary items for your care in this facility.
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