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World Aids Day

Know your Status ...


remains one of the world's most significant public health challenges.

Out of the 21.7 million people receiving treatment in 2017, only 59% of the 36.9 million people living with HIV were receiving Anti-Retroviral Treatment (ART).


In the Phillippines, there are now 52,280 confirmed HIV cases since the first case in 1984. A significant 78% (40,663) of these were diagnosed in the last 5 years.


Before the manifestations set in,

● Be tested, and know your status.

● Be treated, discreetly.

● Be well, for life.


At Chong Hua Hospital, the full circle of options are made available for you, from consultation, diagnosis, counseling, treatment, monitoring and medication refills.


We are here for you, because we care.


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Breast Cancer Month: Pink October

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