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President / CEO

Asociacion Benevola de Cebu, Inc

The wide spectrum of responsibilities of the Board of Directors focuses on two major divisions as mandated by the Association Benevola de Cebu, namely: the hospital division and the memorial division. This mandate stemmed from an inherent of the community for both health and related services.

Addressing the needs of the people in our community has been the cornerstone of the services provided by Chong Hua Hospital since its conception in 1909. The healthcare needs of our community have evolved since then, as has our delivery of these services.

To the administration and staff of the Chong Hua Hospital, let us work together and increase our efforts to further improve our health system and provide accessible, quality and affordable health care to all.

The major expansion of Chong Hua Hospital in the recent years, which took the form of the "Twin Towers", have been a calculated response to the ever growing need of the rapidly expanding communities of Cebu, as well as its neighboring islands, which continue to seek medical help from our institution. This project was the culmination of an intensive planning process involving trustees, medical, management, nursing and support staff. The outcome was a continuation of Chong Hua Hospital's tradition of responding appropriately to the changing needs of the community.

Collectively, let me invite you to share our commitment and to help us continue the tradition of excellence by building an even better Chong Hua Hospital for tomorrow's healthcare needs.

Mr. Victoriano S. Go

A message from the

Chief Operation Officer/ Medical Director

Asociacion Benevola de Cebu, Inc

Chong Hua Hospital takes the lead as one of the most advanced medical facility in the country since its humble beginnings in 1909, when it was established by the Asociacion Benevola de Cebu, Inc. by civic minded Filipino-Chinese leaders and businessmen.

From a semi-hospital/clinic comprising of just a few beds in Martires Street, the new Chong Hua Hospital now stands as a tertiary 660 bed hospital serving the community not only in the Visayas, but also as far as Luzon and Mindanao; providing a fully integrated and comprehensive quality medical services and excellent training to a new generation of healthcare providers.

We earnestly look forward to producing more successful and dedicated physicians. By offering high-quality continuing medical education, Chong Hua Hospital strives to support the training objectives of the medical staff, and eventually serve the needs of patients everywhere through the assimilation of our trained medical specialists to the rest of the country.

The legacy of Chong Hua Hospital endeavors to touch lives, and its far reaching effects will bring new hope as we strive to serve.

Helen S. Po, MD
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