Department of Pediatrics

Welcome to the Department of Pediatrics of Chong Hua Hospital!

      This Department was formed in the late 1970's from a core group of a handful of pioneering pediatricians in Cebu City. It took only 3 years for the Department to be fully accredited by the Philippine Pediatric Society. Its first three residents started training in January of 1978, and graduated 3 years later. The Department has not looked back since then.

      The Chong Hua Hospital Department of Pediatrics Training program is a Level II 3-year general pediatrics training program located in a 660 bed capacity hospital in the heart of Cebu City, Philippines. It is housed within two free standing buildings connected to each other: a 5-storey old wing that has the pediatric ward and the nursery-NICU complex, and an 11 storey new wing that has the PICU and the pediatrics private rooms.

      A solid grounding in general pediatrics is given in the first two years, together with rotations to different subspecialties. Clinic rotations to members of the medical consultant staff is given on the third year. A Community Pediatrics program is also in place. House and charity cases are given to third year residents to further sharpen their clinical skills. Research is highly encouraged within the training program.

      Because interns from Vicente Gullas Memorial Medical School rotate at Chong Hua Hospital, pediatric residents are also expected to formulate teaching rounds and bedside rounds with the interns. Teaching after all re-enforces one's learning skills.

      This Department aims to mold young doctors into complete pediatricians-astute clinicians who can become prime movers not only in the clinic, but also in the academe and in the community at large. Our graduates have gone on to become not only pediatricians and subspecialists, but also deans of colleges, professors and assistant professors, department chairs, chiefs of clinics, hospital administrators, presidents of local chapters of the Philippine Pediatric Society , socio-civic community leaders, and community organizers.

Jose Laddy G. Go, MD, FPPS
Chairman, Department of Pediatrics

      The Chong Hua Hospital Department of Pediatrics, a Level II Philippine Pediatric Society Accredited Hospital, is a venue for new physicians who are interested of becoming good pediatricians. Our department offers a three year residency program designed for primary care givers in pediatrics, in a system that is not just nationally recognized, but globally as well. The department has about a hundred competent fully credentialed medical staff, who will be around to guide you in attaining an excellent residency training. We make sure that the atmosphere is conducive for learning and professional growth for both our residents and faculty. We have this website to give you information that will guide you in making the right decision in fulfilling your ambition. Do visit Chong Hua Hospital and learn more about us.

Monina Cristina S. Cabral, MD, FPPS, DPSN
Training Officer, Department of Pediatrics

Good Day!

      We are pleased that you are considering being a part of the Chong Hua Hospital Department of Pediatrics family. We are looking for dedicated and passionate physicians who wish to learn and teach as they care for children in and out of our health care environment. During the training, it would be an opportunity to gain exposure to all that pediatrics has to offer, to see large numbers of children with a variety of illnesses and problems, to develop all of the skills necessary to become an effective pediatrician, and to decide on a specific career path and personal plans for the future.

      At present, the Chong Hua Hospital Department of Pediatrics has produced 97 graduates and continues to offer quality training for its residents.

      The department has a strong, balanced program in general and subspecialty pediatrics. Residents are given the opportunity to care for children with a wide variety of acute and chronic illnesses. They develop their skills and knowledge in all areas of pediatric medicine, gain exposure to all types of pediatric practice, and have the opportunity to explore their own interests in depth. Being a tertiary hospital at the heart of Cebu City, many children with rare or difficult-to-diagnose illnesses are also referred to our institution from the neighboring Visayas and Mindanao regions. Being part of an internationally recognized medical center, our intensive care and special units offer exposure of residents to state-of-the-art facilities that are at par with global standards. The pediatric medical staff also boasts of clinicians who are specially trained in the various subspecialties and are renowned in their respective fields of interest. In addition to mentorship by these subspecialists on a daily basis, rotation in their clinics is also offered in their 3rd year of residency. Also by the 2nd or 3rd year of training, community involvement of residents is, likewise, given emphasis with 2 months rotation in the adopted Rogationist community under the Avignone Medical Apostolate Program. Furthermore, the training program helps you, the young physician, to develop a personal responsibility for lifelong learning, enthusiasm and excitement about the care of infants, children and adolescents.

      Continuing medical education is advocated with several intradepartmental activities like journal clubs, round table discussions, Nelson's club, critical care lectures, specialty lectures and perinatology conferences. Monthly audits for the ER-OPD, NICU, PICU and Wards are also mediums for teaching and learning. Several conventions and seminars in a year are offered by various societies and institutions, and residents are given equal opportunity to attend these events. The department also provides time for residents to attend one national meeting during their second or third year of training. As a requirement for promotion to the next year level, 1st years are required to write a case report. The 2nd years will present an interhospital case conference. Meanwhile, 3rd years need to accomplish a research paper. As a group, the 3rd years would present in a clinic-pathological case conference sponsored by the Philippine Pediatric Society (PPS). In addition to the noble pursuit for knowledge, these activities instill in our residents the values of teamwork, sense of responsibility and diligence.

      Thank you for your interest in our program. We look forward to receiving your application. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Jonathan G. Lim, MD
Training Officer Secretary, Department of Pediatrics

Karen Joy N. Kimseng, MD
Chief Resident, Department of Pediatrics

Department of Pediatrics Vision-Mission-Goals
    • The Department of Pediatrics foresees updated quality and medical services and training in infant and child care integrated with the hospital's vision to become the most advanced and fully integrated and comprehensive health care facility system in the Philippines.
    • The Department of Pediatrics aspires for community service, with the special task directed to the care of infants and children, through ethical and collaborative medical services and quality patient care in keeping with the highest medical and scientific standards.
Philosophy and Objectives

      The Department of Pediatrics pledges to continue its dynamic growth by updating and modernizing its facilities and equipment, developing its human resources through trainings and other continuing education modes of learning, acquiring the services of the best healthcare delivery practitioners and allied services staff, expanding its areas of operation and utilizing the most advanced research and technology available.

Goals and Key Result Area
Training ProgramTo produce well-rounded pediatricians equipped with proficiency in general pediatrics, knowledge of research and at the same time physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy. The training also prepares residents for the subspecialty of their choice and instill in them teaching skills for future integration into the staff.
AdministrationTo maintain a harmonious relationship with the administration and medical staff always keeping in mind that the patients should always receive the best possible care.
ConsultantsTo participate in the programs of continuing medical education, ensuring that the level of medical knowledge is improved and up to date by the application of scientific inquisitiveness conducted in the atmosphere of ethical consideration.
Patient ServiceTo deliver medical service par excellence- world class standard without undermining the socio-economic status of the community we serve. To always have the vision… the heart…and the will to serve.
FacilitiesTo upgrade our services by using and maximizing the best medical equipment possible, already made available for our use, making ourselves familiar and up-to-date with the new cost effective, modern and finest medical equipment.
ResearchTo come up with new and innovative research papers which are in the priority needs of the community and country at large.
Community InvolvementTo sustain active community involvement and establish partnership with other child health programs and agencies.
An Accredited Institution Of Joint Commission International
Application Requirements
  • Fellowship Programs
  • Residency Programs
  • Postgraduate Internship
List Of Current Housestaff
  • Aimee Christine C. Tan, MD
  • Aimee Christine C. Tan, MD
  • Erving Noel A. Merlin, MD
  • Jay G. Ylanan, MD
  • Katherene L. Garcia, MD
  • Mary Antoniette M. Lozada, MD
  • Ruby Niñaflor G. Saligumba, MD
  • aileen g. mamawag, md
  • alvaro a. loquias, jr., md
  • amanda louise du, md
  • anna marie ventulan, md
  • christy lorraine p. yapha, md
  • elinor s. ferenal, md
  • lloyd j. velez, md
  • vincent tulio, jr., md
  • abigail cruz, md
  • jannice britanico, md
  • lady geniel juit, md
  • ma. cecilia arevalo, md
  • marie kirstine nuevas, md
  • renierose agujetas, md
Chonghua Hospital Office of Continuing Medical Education, Don Mariano Cui, Cebu City, Philippines 6000